Welcome to Greek  Valley

We are a dynamic, start-up company specializing in the marketing and distribution of food products from Greece.
Greek Valley operates as a trading partner, forming a link between Greek food and beverage manufacturers and buyers, importers of Greek products abroad.
Our goal is to promote fine and innovative products to market in Germany and in other foreign countries.


Our Service

We advise and supply our customers with high quality products from the Greek and Mediterranean region. Thanks to our broad experience in the food and drink sector, our extensive network of local  producers all over Greece, we are able to offer a wide product range and to develop tailor-made food concepts for our clients.
We stand for local presence, product quality, flexibility and reliability by ensuring the fair market-value price strategy and the fulfillment of our customers’ requirements.

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The benefits offered by Greek Valley:

  • Loyal trading partner for all enquiries relating to Greek products,
  • Time saving in product search due to Greek Valley’s large producers Network,
  • Wide range of quality products,
  • Products with the best value for money,
  • Recommendations and solutions to provide private label products,
  • Many years of experience in the food and beverage industry.