Stevia RA 98 % + Erythritol

Stevia is a sweet-leaf herb of South American origin. Today it is the most popular sweetener used to sweeten beverages, coffee and tea. This particular plant with beneficial properties has been used for centuries by the Indians of Guarani in South America, and since 2002 is being cultivated in Greece. Stevia is the only herbal sweetener with ZERO calories, ZERO carbs, ZERO glycemic index and ZERO glycemic load.
The crystal stevia Greek Valley Sweet Fitness of 100% plant origin is produced by single stevia varieties, which are grown in our supplier’s family owned and in a contract crop-growing farms.
Greek Valley Sweet Fitness RA 98% contains Rebaudioside A in an amount of 98% purity and Erythritol, which is extracted from fruits and vegetables. It is two times sweeter than sugar and therefore particularly suitable as a table sweetener for everyday consumption.

 Crystal Stevia Greek Valley Sweet Fitness

250 gr. sticks, 500 gr. sticks (ideally for HoReCa)

Crystal Stevia

Box 130 gr. (ideally for Supermarkets und Nature-Shops)